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Sanger Adult School

Sanger Adult

The difficult decision to close Sanger Unified campuses through Friday, June 5, 2020 has been made to ensure the safety and health of our students, staff and families. Campuses may be closed but learning will not stop. Sanger Unified schools are continuing to provide education opportunities during the suspension of on-site classes and programs. Our teams are working towards solving many of the logistic and technology issues surrounding distance learning and will keep you updated regularly.

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Procedural Updates

Mission Statement

All students will successfully transition to a post-secondary education and career path equipped with a capacity for learning through the knowledge and skills they have developed at Sanger Adult School.

Sanger Adult School has been in existence for over fifty years. During that time, the program has made several evolutionary steps, always striving to ensure that the students receive the highest quality education.

The purpose of Sanger Adult School is clear—to provide the highest quality education to its diverse student population with the goal of preparing them for further education and/or the workforce. The mission codifies this desire and is the focal point of all decision-making. The Sanger Adult School leadership has made the mission statement one of two criteria for assessing the school’s effectiveness and direction. The Sanger Adult School staff is also aware of the school’s mission; therefore, providing the staff with a clearly defined purpose and set of expectations.

Student Learning Outcomes