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Excellence in Education

The purpose of Sanger Adult School is clear—to provide the highest quality education to its diverse student population with the goal of preparing them for further education and/or the workforce.

More than Just Career Technical Courses

Sanger Adult School offers a variety of additional programs and services to empower students to succeed.

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Fully Accredited By

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Sanger Adult School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Post-Secondary Education (WASC). Accreditation status validates the integrity of our school’s program and certifies that Sanger Adult School is a trustworthy institution of learning.

Our Mission

Sanger Adult School provides equitable, accessible, rigorous, and relevant programs to prepare our students for higher education and/or the workforce.

Student Learning Outcome

Students will learn to:

Think critically
Be self-directed learners
Communicate effectively
Engage with technology
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